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Dear Yuletider

First off, thank you for writing a story for me.  I hope that my notes here will make your creative task easier, and not harder.

So, for my three picks:
Man, I loved this series, and I am really, really sad that the BBC never made more.  I find all the characters really interesting, and I enjoyed the show both for its characterization (oh, Angie, can't you see the blazing torch Vaughan carries for you?) as for its smart SF qualities (grant that there are vampires, and that they  have these properties, and then we're off!) and for its commitment to NOT giving us simple answers.  Leeches don't come with an owners manual, anymore than ordinary humans do.  Anything you can do to give me more of this wonderful show will be great.  I settled on Frances because that was the most burning question for me.  She's nice, she's smart, she's already in some sort of secret government spook show, and she's helping out this guy she still kinda likes and suddenly BOOM she's down the rabbit hole.  She doesn't have to be the main character, but I definitely want to know if she joins the team, and so forth.

Truth About Cats and Dogs
A fun movie that I haven't seen in a decade.  I picked this because it was going begging, and I had quite a crush on Janeane Garofalo after I saw it (and honestly wondered why she was the 'ugly' one, although I do like (and leer at) Uma Thurman.)  I remember the film being charmingly romantic and actually quite sexy in a not too explicit way.  So, please give me something about the two leading ladies, as explicit as you like, but I'm more moved by passion and romance than simple mechanics.  Otherwise, go ahead and surprise me.  (Oh, no scat play, actual rape, or violence mixed with the sex, please.)

Sarantine Mosaic
Man, these are two great books.  As with Ultraviolet, I just want more.  The particular interaction that I wondered about was: given how extraordinary Alexius, empress Alixana and Gisel are as people, and how high the stakes are, it struck me as a bit of a lapse that they never explored the possibility of finding a way for it to work between the three of them, somehow.  To merge the kingdoms, and make a better world, and do it through marriage, sex, negotiation, and maybe even love.  In short, if there was ever set up where polyamory made perfect sense, that was it.  Of course, just because it's logical doesn't mean people can actually do it.  (the heart wants what it wants....)  So, please write something focusing on this triangle and the sexual, personal, and political tensions.  But, I don't know what happens.   You could cleave to canon, and it all turns to shit, or go AU, and write about things going well, or do some other thing and surprise me.  It's all good.  NB, I like every single damn character in these books, so feel free to bring any or all of your favorites in, or use someone surprising as a view point character, and tell this story indirectly, or whatever.

Thanks again, and I hope that this helped.  I really appreciate you making the effort to write for me, and do by all means contact me through the mods if you have burning questions, or if I have boxed you into a corner.  I really will be glad to read whatever you have for me.


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